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Delight is a new generation modular lighting fixture designed for street lighting. The system is designed for ME, ME2 and ME3 road classes. The modular system is designed and optimized to achieve best lighting distribution on the street. Only with increasing the number of modules used on the fixtures, the requirements for different type of roads can be met. It also provides superior thermal management and lighting results with Milestone® which is patented LED module of Heper.

Delight is a product family and this family consist of five versions with the numbers of 2,3,4,6,8 Milestone®. The LED module Milestone® has an optic system which designed for asymmetric light distribution for illuminating streets in accordance with DIN EN 13201. The system has excellent glare reduction and homogeneity due to the usage of specially designed reflector technology by Heper engineers. LED modules also enable easy maintenance of the product by a separate intervention in case of a breakdown. Furthermore, both fixture of Delight and LED module Milestone® have the ingress protection with IP66.

Milestone® has a corrosion resistant die-cast aluminum housing providing an optimized thermal management system. The unique form of the LED module acts as a heat sink that can resist high temperature up to 50°C and hard weather conditions.

Delight with the patented Milestone® LED module performs superior lighting quality. These unique features of the product have brought Good Design Award in Design Turkey Industrial Design Awards 2014.

Product catalog can be downloaded from the website: http://www.heper.eu/en/downloads

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