Energy savings

Helvar is the leading expert in the lighting industry in energy efficient applications. Our systems guarantee innovative lighting solutions where the savings are clear and measurable. Helvar is committed to minimise the product’s environmental impacts over the entire life cycle, making systematic plans to reduce materials usage and implementing environmentally friendly production methods. This is part of Helvar systematic care of the Environment.
Energy saving is a strong driving force in Helvar’s actions in general.

The environment for Helvar

  • Fully compatible energy efficient products and lighting systems
  • Energy efficiency in all our actions and ambitious energy saving targets
  • Commitment to reduce products’ environmental impacts over the entire life cycle through Eco-design
  • Participation in the EU legislation preparatory work to drive the requirements of the lighting systems towards low environmental impacts
  • Enable healthy and safe environments through high quality lighting systems


Ecological product design aims to reduce the use of natural resources, the waste created and emissions into the air, water and soil, as well as reducing energy consumption, optimizing the product’s working life, improving recycling and minimizing the use of harmful substances at every stage of the product’s life cycle. Helvar has undertaken consistent eco-design and is systematically reducing the use of harmful substances in its products.


Measurable Energy Savings

In EU area on average 14 % of electricity consumption is used on lighting. Almost half of it is consumed in Commercial lighting, where the energy saving potential is tremendous. The below graph describes the steps to save energy – even up to 80%.

Energy Saving projects

For years have Helvar products and solutions helped our customers to save energy. Here are a few examples of the possibilities our innovations create:

  • Välinge Innovation, Sweden -70%. Välinge Innovation’s office building, located in the outskirts of Helsingborg, Sweden, earned recognition from the prestigious Swedish Lighting Design Awards, taking home the top prize for “Most energy efficient facility”.
  • Ontex Distribution Centre, Czech Republic -80%. Helvar Certified Partner solved the investor’s needs to cut energy usage with Helvar products and control system.
  • Ullevål University Hospital, Oslo, Norway -82%. A massive renovation project ended up with enormous savings in one of Norway’s biggest hospitals.