Helvar understand that the installation of your Lighting Control System is not the end of the process but the start of a long term relationship. Your Helvar Lighting Control System incorporates the very latest digital lighting control technology available today, allowing you full control over all your lighting installation.
If maintained properly your Lighting Control System could save you up to 85% of your lighting energy consumption
For over 50 years, we have been designing new technologies and solutions in lighting control to enable our clients to benefit from huge potential energy savings, whilst reducing their carbon footprint and impact on the environment.

If maintained correctly, your intelligent lighting control system can not only reduce energy consumption but it can also enhance personnel wellbeing whilst reducing the overall maintenance of your lighting system by increasing lamp life.

The benefits of regular maintenance

Your Helvar Lighting Control System is designed to provide constant control over all of your lighting requirements, whilst reducing your lighting consumption by up to 85%, in turn reducing your carbon footprint for a brighter and healthier global environment.

Like any electronic installation, it is important to maintain your system to its optimum operating performance. Therefore, we provide a comprehensive after care program to continually re-evaluate system configuration and adjust operating parameters such as presence/absence detection, daylight harvesting thresholds, dimming levels and time controlled scenes to optimise ongoing energy savings and operational efficiency.

Contact your nearest Sales Office for more information
As a preferred Helvar client, you have access to a dedicated team of service engineers and support personnel at your fingertips. We understand that each of our client’s requirements is unique and therefore we offer various levels of Service Care Accounts to support your system.

Our Service Accounts range from scheduled routine maintenance visits and remote system management to a fully managed comprehensive system maintenance package including network and energy monitoring, system optimisation and a guaranteed upgrade path, to ensure your Helvar Lighting Control System is future proof.